P2 Hair Science
Cellular Hair Regrowth System


Millions of people – men and women – struggle with hair loss. The reasons vary: genetics, disease, stress and hormonal imbalance. Whatever the cause, everyone wants a solution to enjoy a full head of hair.

People who desire a non-surgical regrowth strategy that is safe and effective choose the P2 Hair Science Regrowth System. This innovative procedure combines Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injected into the scalp, followed by Pharmaceutical Peptides (PP) sprayed onto the scalp to encourage hair growth at the cellular level. PRP and PP’s are loaded with growth factors that promote rapid angiogenesis and localized cell growth.

Effective for both male and female pattern hair loss, P2 has regrown hair in alopecia areata, eyebrow hypotrichosis and other patient cases with non-hereditary hair loss.


The process of regenerative hair growth utilizes many cellular and molecular mechanisms common to angiogenesis and wound healing. The advancements in newer technologies, injection therapy procedures, and combination drug therapies allow for regrowth of hair without the need, in many cases, for hair transplants, grafts or surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRP is an autologous preparation of platelets in concentrated form and studies have shown it effective for re-growing hair. Activation of alpha granules in platelets release numerous proteins which stimulate cellular regeneration and tissue repair. It is hypothesized that growth factors released from platelets act on stem cells in the bulge area of the follicles, stimulating the development of new follicles and promoting neovascularization.

Pharmaceutical Peptides (PP)
Thymosin Beta-4 (TB4)
Due to its molecular structure, TB4 has the ability to circulate through the body and locate areas of injury to enhance the healing process. Working at the cellular level to support tissue stem cells to heal and regenerate injured tissue, TB4 has also shown to affect the speed and pattern of hair growth, and the number of hair shafts, while promoting rapid wound healing and enhancing collagen deposition. Additional benefits include improved flexibility and darkening of grayed hair.

Valproic Acid and PTD-DBM
The Valproic Acid and PTD-DBM spray assists in hair follicle development and in hair regeneration. Activation of the Wnt/bcatenin pathway rescues DHT-induced suppression and miniaturization of the hair follicle.

Zn-Thymulin and GHK-cu
GHK-cu has been shown to be highly substantive to the hair shaft and its surroundings in the epidermis by upregulating adhesion proteins. Additionally, collagen is stimulated by this peptide/flavonoid/phytosterol combination as well as keratinocyte multiplication and hair morphogenesis. The Zn-Thymulin helps with hair loss by stimulating anagen phase increase to maintain hair follicles and reduce hair loss.

The P2 Hair Regrowth treatment takes about 90 minutes to complete. First, a blood sample is obtained which is specially processed to produce the clinical concentrations of PRP. A topical anesthetic is then applied to numb the scalp treatment area followed by PRP injections. Next, a microneedle technique creates tiny wounds for the Peptide products to easily penetrate the scalp. The recovery from the procedure is typically uneventful. Pain, if any, is easily managed with Tylenol. Some mild swelling is occasionally seen 1-2 days after injections. This is normal and will resolve in 48 hours. Avoiding vigorous activity is recommended until the swelling is gone. There is no other downtime or noticeable effects of the injections and patients can wash their hair normally after 6 hours.

There are 3 phases of the hair growth cycle; Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Each strand of hair on the human body develops at its own pace. Once the cycle is complete, the process starts over, and a new strand of hair begins to form.

The goal of the 90-day P2 Hair Regrowth System is to increase the time of the anagen phase where new growth develops and existing hair follicles have more time to strengthen and grow.

Days 1-30
Studies have proven that when a wound occurs in a specific area, hair re-grows with the presence of certain peptides. By introducing a ‘controlled wound’ through micro-needling, we add these peptides to increase the opportunity for new hair growth.
Some patients may experience ‘pre’ new-growth shedding. Rest assured, this type of hair loss is absolutely normal and nothing to be concerned about.
The topical peptides soak into the scalp and begin to stimulate the hair follicles, providing further nourishment and encouraging regrowth. As new hairs are forming, old and thinning hair begins to shed. This phase can last between 2 and 4 weeks as the new hairs make their way through the normal growth cycle.
During Phase I, minor hair shedding can occur and early signs of new growth can be seen.

Days 31-60
The peptides, Valproic Acid and PTD-DBM, concentrate on the anagen phase or the ‘active growth phase’ of the hair cycle. As we age, this phase becomes shorter and the hairs that grow back are thinner and smaller. The unique scientific combination of the peptides used in the P2 System extends the length of this phase so the new hair fibers and follicles have a longer time develop and grow.
During Phase II, expect to feel a difference in hair texture that is thicker and smoother.

Days 61-90 and beyond
TB4 Peptide has been working to increase vasculogenisis, which increases the blood supply and circulation to your scalp. During this phase, sleeping follicles have been stimulated and new follicles developed.
During Phase III, visual hair growth can be seen. This exciting growth continues well after day 90 as new hair continues to grow for months following the protocol.