2016 The efficacy of platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: initial outcomes

Joseph J. Banno, MD1, Tyson Kinnick, PA1, Lisbeth Roy, DO2, Paul P. Perito, MD3, Gabriele Antonini, MD4, Daniella Banno1
1: Midwest Urological Group, Peoria, IL; 2: Doctors Studio, Boca Raton, FL; 3: Perito Urology, Miami, FL; 4: Antonini Urology, Roma, Italy 

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2016 Research Study Comparison of EmCyte GS30-PurePRP® II, EmCyte GS60-PurePRP® II, Arteriocyte MAGELLAN, Stryker REGENKIT®THT, and ECLIPSE PRP 

Principle Investigator
Robert Mandle, PhD
Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA
Prepared for: Patrick Pennie Chairman & CEO EmCyte Corporation®

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2015 Bone marrow aspirate concentrates produced with the EmCyte GSBMA-544E system and the Harvest/Terumo BMAC2 system

Prepared for: Patrick Pennie
Chairman & CEO EmCyte Corporation
Sample analysis by: Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA

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2015 Research Study Comparisons of and EmCyte PurePRP® II 2015, Harvest/Terumo APC60,/Clear PRP, and Arthrex Angel PRP Products

Principle Investigator
Robert Mandie, PhD
Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA
Prepared for: Patrick Pennie, Chairman & CEO EmCyte Corporation

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2014 A Pilot Study of the Effect of Localized Injections of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Charles Runels*, Hugh Melnick, Ernest Debourbon and Lisbeth Roy
Medical School, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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2014 Research Study Comparison of Angel Whole Blood Separation System and EmCyte PurePRP®

Prepared by Robert Mandle, PhD
Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA

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Men’s Power-Pressure Wave Erectile Regeneration-Therapy: an Early Assessment

Jason Perelman and Vaughan Daniels Hepnar*
Cambridge University, UK

Efficiency Assessment of Shock Wave Therapy in Patients with Pelvic Pain Employing Harmonic Analysis of Penile Bioimpedance

L. A. Khodyreva, A. A. Dudareva, I. S. Mudraya**, T. G. Markosyan*, S. V. Revenko***, K. V. Kumachev, and L. A. Logvinov

Shock waves may change future of ED therapy Procedure offers promise of disease modification vs. symptomatic treatment

Urology Times – November 17, 2017

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